A TechTool Deluxe horror story

I am a relatively competent power user, and therefore I dislike most “PC tune-up” utilities that “clean your computer of viruses, scrub your registry ’till it’s sparkling, and speed up your computer 10000%”.  However, my MacBook Pro’s AppleCare came with TechTool Deluxe (http://www.micromat.com/techtool-deluxe), which has since been discontinued.   I also swapped my hard drive out for an SSD and my optical drive out for my old HD, giving me a moderately nice 440GB of storage.  I ran TechTool this morning and it complained of file structure errors.  Sure, TechTool Deluxe… go ahead and fix it.  Can’t do any harm, right?  Wrong.  After running the repair tool, I discovered (to my shock and horror) all my files were missing.  It was still reporting the same used space as last time, but…  My files were missing! (duh duh duh…)


I ran to get my 1TB My Passport with Time Machine backups of my life’s work on it.  I’m a  backup nut–I not only have the 1TB drive, but I have a 500GB offsite backup and a FreeNAS backup with 2 1TB (~350GB allotted to me) mirrored RAID drives.  I tried to restore the volume directly from Time Machine, but Time Machine only restored the top level directories.  So, with a sudden realization, I, I, I…  Reformat my hard drive!  That was a little bit hard for me.  So, I used Carbon Copy Cloner (http://bombich.com/), a tool that has saved many people’s bacon.  I clone from the latest working backup to my reformatted hard drive.  Almost two hours later, I’m back to normal.  But MAN, was that a scare.

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Way too many menubar icons…

All my menubar icons

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Blender-rendered Gus

Rendered with Blender.
See here.

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Whitehouse.gov way back when

Played with the Wayback Machine today.
This is whitehouse.gov in 2001.

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Two programming languages in one

I recently visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History and came across this gem:

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Python script to generate random CSS colors

Wrote this one quickly, but it’s useful! (I had to zip it because WordPress wouldn’t let me upload a .py file.)
Screenshot of program in action
Screenshot of generated page
Random Color Python Script

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